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A Game-Changing Platform to Exhibit Your Stock Market Prowess

Are you passionate about the stock market and eager to demonstrate your capabilities as an investor or trader? Have you ever wondered how to establish your expertise in making profitable predictions and identify the top portfolio managers globally to learn from them? presents an innovative solution: the Leaderboard. This unique feature is an integral part of, a platform that offers valuable information, education, and resources to retail traders. The Leaderboard is the first-of-its-kind Proof-of-Prediction (POP) system, tracking and ranking users based on the accuracy of their stock market predictions.
How does it work? The process is simple: create an account on and start making predictions on any stock of your choice. Specify the direction (up or down), percentage change, and timeframe for your prediction. For instance, you can predict that Apple (AAPL) will increase by 5% by next Friday. Upon making a prediction, it will be recorded on the platform and displayed on the Leaderboard.
The Leaderboard showcases all users’ predictions, their current status (active or expired), accuracy (correct or incorrect), and score. The scoring system rewards accurate predictions and penalizes incorrect ones, factoring in the difficulty level, popularity, volatility, and risk-reward ratio of each prediction.
The Leaderboard allows you to compare your ranking with other users based on your score. You can also access detailed information about each prediction, such as the price when guessed, last updated price, and movement percentage.
The Leaderboard serves not only as an engaging platform to test your skills and compete with others but also as a valuable source of information and learning. Follow other users with high scores or similar interests to observe their predictions. Gain insights into trending or popular stocks among users and the rationale behind their predictions. Learn from other users’ comments and feedback on their predictions.
The Leaderboard is a dynamic feature that updates constantly as new predictions are made and old ones expire. Keep track of your predictions and watch your score change over time. Receive notifications when new predictions are made by users you follow or when your predictions expire.
If you’re keen to showcase your stock market expertise and learn from others who share your enthusiasm for investing or trading, join today! Signing up is free, and you can start making predictions right away. Seize this opportunity to be part of a community of intelligent traders leveraging’s tools and resources to enhance their performance!
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Apple processor speed

Apple presented its newest products, including the iPhone 14 series, to users at the event it held on September 7. In this context, the company’s product range will expand and there have even been significant changes in the reports published every month by platforms such as AnTuTu. So what are the manufacturer’s fastest devices globally at the moment? Here is the list of fastest Apple devices!

Note: Ranking is based on 1 to 31 October. In addition, these scores are based on AnTuTu V9 version.

October’s fastest Apple devices list (Global)
The subject that users were very curious about was naturally how the iPhone 14 series would perform. In fact, the fact that the standard and Pro models are powered by different processors increased the question marks in mind.

According to AnTuTu, the fastest Apple device in October was the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 6 with 1 million 422 thousand 453 points. The tablet, which has recently anchored at the top, was followed by its brother, the 11-inch iPad Pro 6, with 1 million 308 thousand 256 points.

In the third place of the list is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 5, which marked the past months and did not come down from the top for a long time. After the device with 1 million 213 thousand 415 points, the 11-inch iPad Pro 5 comes with 1 million 191 thousand 698 points.

It should be noted that the iPhone 14 Pro models are powered by Apple A16 Bionic, one of the most powerful mobile processors at the moment. Finally, it should be noted that the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, which came with the previous generation processor, could not enter this list.

Here is the full list of the fastest Apple devices for October:

iPad Pro 6 (12.9 inch) – 1 million 422 thousand 453 points
iPad Pro 6 (11 inch) – 1 million 308 thousand 256 points
iPad Pro 5 (12.9 inch) – 1 million 213 thousand 415 points
iPad Pro 5 (11 inch) – 1 million 191 thousand 698 points
iPad Air 5 – 1 million 85 thousand 645 points
iPhone 14 Pro – 961 thousand 749 points
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 960 thousand 137 points
iPad Pro 4 (12.9 inch) – 856,285 points
iPhone 13 Pro Max – 852 thousand 138 points
iPhone 13 Pro – 851 thousand 5 points